In fast jedem agilen Team, mit dem ich in den letzten 15 Jahren zusammengearbeitet habe, stellte sich die Frage: Sollten wir die Arbeit in Stunden oder Story-Points (Story-Punkten) schätzen?

Hier werden wir die Vor- und Nachteile betrachten und daraus schließen, dass es zwar nur wenige Vorteile von Story-Punkten gegenüber Stunden…

La agilidad se está volviendo cada vez más popular. Primero, el término de agilidad se utilizó en el desarrollo de software. Luego vino la gestión ágil de proyectos. Y ahora tenemos ¨gerencia ágil¨, organizaciones ágiles, coaches ágiles, liderazgo ágil y más.

De hecho, todo el mundo parece estar hablando de…

From my experience both as a startup founder working with mentors, as well as a mentor working with startups, I learned certain hacks that enable entrepreneurs to get the maximum value of mentors.

Before talking about these hacks I quickly want to go into the values of mentors to startups…

Women could make much better partner selection and know how to interpret male behavior.

¨I hate him. He has been lying to me for more than a year! …

Video interview:

All of us agree on the principles of us being the central controllers of our data. And even the lawmakers in the EU (GDPR), California (CCPA) and many other jurisdictions agree. With us! …

On July 7th 2019 the US women’s soccer team won the world cup for a third time in 12 years. This is a great accomplishment, especially in contrast to the US male soccer team that has never won anything of any significance.

Shortly after, voices were raised that the US…

I transferred money to Coinsbank to pay for the Blockchain cruise. The transfer to the bank details given by Coinsbank happened without a problem, so my money must haved arrived.

However, Coinsbank is saying they never received the money, as they have closed the account! That hardly believable as I…

Speakers: Eike Post, PhD & Ildar Fazulyanov

Video interview:

Eike Post: Welcome. Today, I have the pleasure to talk to Ildar Fazulyanov who is the founder of WELL. Ildar, welcome.

Ildar Fazulyanov: Thank you.

Eike: Ildar, I’d like to get started by you introducing WELL to the audience in…

Плюсы и минусы инвестирования в фонды

Инвестирование через фонд имеет много преимуществ по сравнению с инвестированием в отдельные компании, криптовалюты или ICO напрямую, например:

  • Лучшие сделки
  • Лучшие условия инвестирования и
  • Профессиональная экспертиза

Недостатком инвестирования в фонд является то, что инвестор теряет свою инвестиционную автономию. Например, инвестор может знать, что определенное ICO будет очень удачным, а другое…

Pros and cons of investing in funds

Investing via a fund has many advantages over investing in individual companies, cryptocurrencies or ICOs directly, for example:

  • Source the best opportunities
  • Negotiate the best terms, and
  • Do professional due diligence

The disadvantage of investing in a fund, is that an investor loses his investment autonomy. For example, an investor…

Eike B. Post, PhD

Ethical Investment, Blockchain, Taxation, Conscious Capitalism. Ethical Capital

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